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Deformed dessins d'enfants of almost Belyi maps

Raimundas Vidunas (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Thursday, 11 April 2019
401 Moscow center for continuous mathematical education

Almost Belyi maps are algebraic maps to P^1\{0,1,infiity} with exactly one (simple) branching point. As I explain from sratch, almost Belyi maps form 1-dimensional families. Their degenerations to Belyi maps are defined by image of braid monodromy as a Belyi map from the 1-dimensional base curve. I describe the geometric analogue of dessins d'enfants corresponding to almost Belyi maps. Special almost Belyi maps give isomonodromic Fuchsian differential equations corresponding to algebraic solutions of the Painleve VI equation.