Metabolic functioning of cells: the role of statistical mechanics, of disorder and of optimization

Enzo Marinari (Dipartimento di Fisica, INFM ed INFN, Universita' di Roma La Sapienza, Italy)
Thursday, 05 September 2019
конференц-зал, ауд.401 Moscow center for continuous mathematical education

I will discuss the role of linear optimization and statistical mechanics in  describing the metabolic functioning of cells. The assumption of a steady state behavior greatly simplifies the analysis of the problem and, what is maybe more important, allows not to rely on parameters like kinetic rates, that are experimentally determined with very low accuracy  (if any).  Bacterial growth laws, recently obtained in new, accurate experiments,  allow to generalize these approaches, always from a statistical mechanics point of view, and to explain important effects: in many situations cells change dramatically their   functioning behavior when going from low  growth rate to high growth rate. These facts emerge with amazing quantitatiuve accuracy in this "growth laws" based approach, and an explanation of what is happening based on a "Pareto front" related to the optimization of two different quantities fits very well with the analytic approach and with  experimental data.