Physics, Complexity and Probability - zoom online seminar No. 1

Paul Krapivsky (Boston University, USA)
Thursday, 11 June 2020 Zoom online seminar on 17:00 (Paris time), [18:00 (Moscow time)]

Large Deviations in Random Sequential Adsorption

In a random sequential adsorption process, objects are deposited randomly, irreversibly and sequentially; if an attempt to add an object results in an overlap with previously deposited objects, the attempt is rejected. The process continues until the system reaches a jammed state when no further additions are possible. Exact analyses are feasible only in a few one-dimensional models, and the average number of absorbed particles have been computed in solvable situations. We analyze a process in which each particle lands on a single site in an interval and an adsorption event is allowed when both neighboring sites are empty. For this model mimicking laser-driven Rydberg atoms, the full counting statistics of the occupation number is computed.

Sergei Nechaev,
Yan Fyodorov,
Antti Knowles

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