Monday, 10 September 2018

During September 3-4, 2018 at the Independent University of Moscow (IUM, Bolshoy Vlasyevskii, 11) there was a celebration of  15th anniversary of a French-Russian Laboratory in mathematics, physics and informatics, organized in 2002 jointly by CNRS and some Russian research and educational Centers.

In few lines, the history of French-Russian international research unit (CNRS UMI 2615) is as follows:

  • Founded in 2002 as a “Laboratorie International Franco-Russe de Mathématique, Informatique et Physique” (LIFR MI2P)
  • Since 2006 – Poncelet Lab (after French Mathematician J.-V. Poncelet), Laboratory was prolonged in 2010 and in 2013
  • Since  2017  –  Interdisciplinary Scientific Center Poncelet (ISCP),  presently  carries  research  in  mathematical  physics,  mathematics  and informatics (including bioinformatics) with co-founders: CNRS – HSE – IITP – IUM – Skoltech – Steklov Institute

During the whole period (2002-2018) there are 3 directors of the Lab: Prof Alexei Sossinsky (2002-2005), DR au CNRS (Univ. Versailles) Michael Tsfasman (2005-2015), DR au CNRS (Pole Paris-Saclay) Sergei Nechaev (since 2015). 

Interdisciplinary Scientific Center Poncelet (ISCP) is an international scientific unit (CNRS UMI 2615). Its two main objectives are: (i) to conduct joint research projects in the fields of basic and applied mathematics, theoretical physics and computer science, (ii) to become a showcase for this research, by promoting exchanges of knowledge between the main Russian and French scientific centers, through conferences, scholarships, stays and internships for young researchers. ISCP supports free exchange of ideas, creative and friendly atmosphere, and big number of scientific events. 

The two-day colloquium was splitted in the “historic day” (3 September) and the “scientific day” (4 September). 

During the first day we have inscribed the history of creation of the Lab into the history and sociology of French-Russian scientific relations (A. Sossinsky, I. Dezhina, M Tsfasman, C. Peskine), we got an information of currect development of CNRS and some international projects (J.-S. Dhersin, P. Lecheminant), we enjoyed the  greeting from the scientific cancellor of  Embassy of France in Moscow (A. Malac), we paid attention to joined development of international entities such as Poncelet and Skoltech (A. Kuleshov), we attended  information about perespectives of communication with HSE (V. Timorin), Steklov Institute (D. Treschev) and IITP (A. Sobolevsky), we remembered first steps of Poncelet Lab at IUM (Y. Ilyashenko), we established a communication with the Pascal Institut (Denis Ullmo), we discussed the mathematical solidarity (A. Vershik).

The second "scientific" day (4 September) was organized as a set of mini-review talks within the area of expertise of  ISCP given by leading specialists in the fields  from France and Russia.

The complete list of participants and the program of the colloquium can be found here